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First of all, I do not compete on price. I don’t want work because I’m the lowest price, I want to get work because I offer the best service around.  I offer a high quality service that you can depend on and that is the reason I want You to hire Me.  Most of the time my price is average, not the highest or the lowest.

If you think a professional is expensive, wait to see the cost of hiring an amateur.

We are now at about $10.00 per window inside and out,  for standard double hung windows and plate glass.  A double hung window is two panes of glass and a screen . We do A+ work on glass and that is where the bang for your buck is – streak-free glass.

Outside only is usually 80% of the price. in most homes 80%  of the work is on the outside .

Included in our basic price we remove all webs within the window frame inside and out. We also remove and replace the screens and brush them vigorously to remove dust and spider webs, that is all most screens require, but some do need washing. I prefer not washing them because the minerals in our water will build up on them. If you want them washed, it’s $2.00 per screen more.  It takes more time and I don’t believe they look better most of the time after they dry, and can look worse over time.  We also clean the track between the window and the screen where most of the dirt is.  We don’t open the window to clean under where it opens, there’s usually not much dirt in there. Anyone can do that job, but if you want us to it is $2.00 per window and we’ll be happy to do it. That does not include digging out the corners, if you want an A+ job on bottom tracks it’s $5.00 per track.  Always remember we will do anything you want, but it might cost more.

I’m using the 20/80 rule on screens and tracks. It takes 20% of our time to do 80% of the job.  Glass is 100% – always going for perfect .

The above is the system that I came up with to keep your price lower.

Do you want real close to perfect on everything?  I call that deluxe, $20.00 per window and we take care of all the details inside the window frame [except blinds and window coverings ].  Schedule that four times a year and I’ll discount that 20% on any service (basic or deluxe) after the first time. This is what I really want to sell, I’d rather do A+ work on everything & maintain your glass to where they are never dirty .

Two windows in the same hole = two windows. Three windows in the same hole = three windows.

French glass the little squares (or some call them cut ups) are about $1.00 per pane in and out. The edges and corners are the hardest part and there are more of them than in a standard window.

Storm windows, the ones that can be taken apart and cleaned in between, are $35.00 each.

My prices have always been based on volume and acrobatics, also difficulty factors like bushes, thorns and cliffs can add to the price. I’ve never had a window I couldn’t get done, but there are some $50.00 and $100.00 windows because of how hard they are to get to.

These prices do not include removing building products like paint or excessive mineral build up. Windows that have been neglected for years can have oxidization and such to where it has become a part of the glass. I can remove almost anything, I call that restoration, but it takes a lot more time and of course costs more.